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Who’s That Black Woman?

Cleopatra 2525

A blast door slides open and out climbs a blonde, a man, and another woman with ponytail twists wearing a silver bustier. We look closer and we see that she’s…

Zoë Washburne from Firefly! No, wait, it’s Jessica Pearson from Suits!

In reality, it’s Gina Torres. Although she’s been acting in TV and film since 1992, her breakout role didn’t happen until 2002 when she played Zoë in the Joss Whedon science fiction TV show, Firefly. She’s also been in Buffy, The Matrix Reloaded, 24, Alias, and Hannibal. Voiceovers seem to be popular for Black actors, as she’s also done them for the animated series, Justice League, Transformers Prime, and Star Wars Rebels.

Keep an eye out for her in the Shondaland show, The Catch.

Trivia: A talented mezzo soprano, Gina sang the theme song for Cleopatra 2525.