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Sci-Fi Romance With a Twist

The short film, Rumination, begins as a story of lost love when Elliott (Kelvin Drama) wakes up from a dream where his girlfriend, Monique (Angus Whinfield), told him that he’s lost her. When Elliott wakes, he finds it’s true. Desperate and on antidepressant and antianxiety medications, taken with Hennessy, Elliott responds to an ad that promises a way to travel back in time in pill form. At this point, Elliott is willing to try anything, and goes to meet the innovator scientist (Danny Gavigan), who explains that time travel is tied to consciousness, and hands Elliott a pill. Elliott takes it when he gets home, and falls asleep. Upon waking, Elliott finds Monique. But is she really there? That’s the question the movie raises, then twists, in a post-credit scene, so be sure to watch the entire movie.

Although a bit slow and for want of adequate lighting in places, this short film successfully mixes science fiction romance with psychological elements to tell a heart-touching story with a surprise ending. The film features a flawless cast and even a haunting soundtrack. If you get a chance to watch this, do it. Visit the film’s Facebook site to view the trailer and read reviews: https://www.facebook.com/RuminationShortFilm/

Writer and Director: Chad Eric Smith