Creating Black Super Villains

Writing Credible Black Super Villains, Antagonists and Monsters in Speculative Fiction

Without the Joker, Batman would be a sad faced vigilante  beating up wino purse snatchers in dark alleys.

Sherlock Holmes, the greatest (fictional) detective in history,  needed an arch nemesis to challenge or risk becoming a simple-minded  dope addict because of boredom.

Captain James T Kirk faced the super human “Khan”. Kirk hoped to rise above the grand ramble of star conflict wannabes.

To become a great sci-fi hero, you need a really great bad guy. In AFROCentric  speculative fiction, we need more bad-ass boys and gals to push our heroes to the limit.

For instance . . . there is “AFRO Quake” . . .  [More to come] .

By Stafford Battle

Diverse Writers & Artists Of Speculative FIction

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