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Create Your Own Archetypes

Having trouble coming up with characters, or even plots, for your next book? Try an archetype. What is an archetype, you ask? It’s a pattern or model of an idea or image, or a recurring symbol in literature or art. In literature, for example, there is the hero/heroine, trickster, or mentor. But in this media-laden […]


Diversity in Fantasy

Change is the nature of our society. Nothing stays the same. New combinations of things under the sun are broken down and reformed every day, only to be remade the next day. In genre fiction, more stories featuring diverse characters and cultural elements are finding their way into the mainstream. Old and worn are the […]


Hollywood Banks on the Underdog, Pushes Indie Book Publishers Into the Mainstream (Press Release)

Bowie, MD – Jennifer Barnes and John Lawson, owners of publishing company Raw Dog Screaming Press, find themselves receiving international attention after news that 20th Century Fox will make a novel of theirs into a major motion picture. Writer/filmmaker S. Craig Zahler’s Wraiths of the Broken Land, published in 2013 by RDSP, will be director […]

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Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction (DWASF) is a group of creators who promote diversity in speculative fiction (fantasy/horror/science fiction) books, stories, poetry, art, film, and pop culture through the inclusion of characters, myths, art, and traditions of diverse ethnic cultures not commonly portrayed in mainstream speculative fiction.

The mission of DWASF is to provide a support network for writers and artists of diverse speculative fiction. This mission is achieved through presenting at reading or speculative fiction conventions, art expos, film festivals, and other related events; mentoring other writers and artists; promoting members' writing and art; hosting conventions; and sponsoring publications to showcase the work of member writers and artists.